Data Safety and Payment processing

How we process payment information

You face no financial security risks by shopping with us because we take data safety and payment processing seriously and in compliance with relevant laws.

We do not collect payment information such as credit card numbers, expiry, and other sensitive information.

When you click on Pay Now, you will be redirected to PayPal or other payment processors to complete the transaction, and your information always remains at your payment processor.

After payment, we only receive a signal from PayPal indicating whether you completed the payment, transaction id, the amount paid and other transaction information.

We then store the transaction id, amount, and order id for cross-referencing.

Data encryption

How we send and store information

We encrypt all communication to ensure the integrity and safety of your data. Communication between your browser and our website is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure third parties such as your school or ISP cannot see the information you send us.

Communication between our website and payment processors is also encrypted using an SSL certificate and security tokens issued to us by payment processors.

Your login password is also stored in an encrypted format through hashing and salting such that we cannot read or decrypt it.

Password reset also requires a timed security token sent directly to your email.
Place an order safely