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1943 Pgs. ★★★★★  5 · (755 reviews) medal 1  (1) medal 4  (4)  🥈 (4)  🥇 (1)
English and Humanities Writer (PhD, MA English, MPhil C.A)

I'm a PhD student in anthropology with an MA in English Literature and MPhil in Cultural Analysis. I have 10 years of experience writing and editing academic essays and research papers, admission essays, term papers, dissertations, thesis, coursework or reports. I have a keen eye for mistakes that would set off your professors and jeopardize your grades. I have saved hundreds of students fro ...more

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916 Pgs. ★★★★★  5 · (438 reviews) medal 1  (1) medal 5  (5)  🥈 (5)  🥇 (3)
Governance, political science, law enforcement, criminology writer

I am an academic writer specializing in law enforcement, public and international law, political science, and governance. I have a master's degree in criminology and law enforcement. I have published papers on various topics such as "The Politics of Policing" and "Police Ethics." Others include the role of community policing in tackling crime in violent cities such as Chicago and racial issues ...more

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1795 Pgs. ★★★★★  5 · (748 reviews) medal 4  (4) medal 1  (1)  🥈 (1)
Nursing, Biological and Medical Sciences Writer (R.N.)

I'm a registered nurse who loves helping students and nursing professionals succeed in academics. I tutor nursing students through live video chats and answer any questions about the nursing profession. I also help nursing students complete their school assignments and learn the ropes of the profession. This strategy allows me to pass knowledge to future nurses and improve the nursing profes ...more

Hire nurseqn
1774 Pgs. ★★★★★  5 · (682 reviews) medal 4  (4)  🥈 (4)  🥇 (1)
Argumentative Essays, College Applications, and Ethics Writer

I'm an English major with a passion for words and a knack for getting my point across.
I can write anything from short essays to book reports, blog posts, or even a doctoral dissertation.
However, I'm at home writing convincing argumentative essays that not only convince your professor that you understand the subject matter, but also you can defend a point of view.
I'm not af ...more

Hire clairems
691 Pgs. ★★★★★  5 · (330 reviews) medal 1  (1) medal 4  (4)  🥈 (4)
Research Fellow at **REDACTED** University, Expert Academic Writer

As a research fellow at **REDACTED** University, I'm very informed about the latest developments in the field of research. In my professional practice, I have encountered many questions that confuse students and ultimately prevent them from attaining their best grades. Hundreds of students and professors have approached me with questions, and I have helped them take them expertly. This is how I  ...more

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714 Pgs. ★★★★★  5 · (358 reviews) medal 1  (1) medal 2  (2)  🥈 (2)  🥇 (1)
Computer Science, Programming, Cybersecurity Expert

A graduate in BSc. Computer with several certifications under my belt. When I'm not writing research papers and completing programming assignments, I help individuals and companies troubleshoot their networks and devices. I am skilled in Python, Java, and Javascript programming languages and HTML and CSS for web page design. If you want your project or assignment tackled by someone with real ...more

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